Momentum is King

Likely many of your projects have died due to lack of keeping the momentum going and growing.

Momentum is precious. It’s the life force. Learn to manage momentum and harness it. By doing so you will drink of it’s sweet nectar of glorious fuel for your project to grow. Momentum is the most precious ingredient that keeps moving projects, companies, weight-loss, or whatever your goal is forward.

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HTML5 Needs a New Animation API to Compete with Native

The HTML5 vs native OS performance debate simply will not die — and for good reason! We currently don’t have the API we need to build fluid animations on the web.

Before you go and put me on a stake, let me explain. Through this article I will make the case of why what we currently have in the browser for animation is limited, and try to clearly point out limitations and how JavaScript animation engines are leading us towards a better world that I hope gets built into the core browser UI rendering engine API.

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Why These Idiots Are More Successful Than You

This article is for all of my insanely smart friends.

You’re so damn smart — I’ve told you how awesome I think you and the solutions you’ve built…they’re amazing. You have so many awesome things on your hard drive you built that it would blow the world away if only they knew. You created Facebook before there was Facebook and PayPal before there was PayPal. But recently I’ve heard you ask, “how can this junk software out there be so popular?”…why are all these idiots more successful than me?

I’ll try to do my best to explain to you why…

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Your Guide to Surviving Self-Employed Software Development

As 2013 comes to a wrap I wanted to take a moment to draw out some thoughts from my experiences being self-employed for 5 1/2 years as a user interface developer by trade.

Please keep in mind this article is written specifically for developers.

Use these lessons learned to help you survive self-employed software development.

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