About Marc Grabanski

UI Dev Consultant.
Publisher of Frontend Masters.

The web is the most fertile ground to build on which is why I’ve dedicated my life to teaching people how to build their dreams with great code and UX.

Frontend Masters

Right now I am building Frontend Masters an expert training site for front-end web developers.

Customers have said some amazing things about the service and so I know it’s making a big difference:

“Frontend Masters videos have helped me learn more about front-end in a couple of months than 10 years on the web.” – Leigh Mackay

“These are the best tech videos I have ever seen in terms of production and content quality.” – Steve King

In the past I’ve…

  • created the open source project jQuery UI Datepicker (which is now one of the most popular UI component on the web).
  • blogged to 100k+ monthly unique visitors.
  • podcasted to 40k listeners.
  • taught workshops for 150+ people in Israel.
  • ran conferences for 200+ people at Google HQ.
  • spoke at 40+ conferences on UI development topics (see jQuery Mobile and SVG & RaphaelJS talk videos).

You can also connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.