Beyond Flash – HTML and Flash Together

Demo of Beyond Flash

Beyond Flash Screenshot

See Beyond Flash in Action

Why Beyond Flash?

Beyond Flash came out of the need to use HTML and wanting the beauty of Flash. This is an effort to make an easy and simple way to blend the accessibility of html with the animation of flash. JavaScript is then used as the bridge to communicate between the two.
Under the Hood of Beyond Flash

  • Unobtrusive Flash Objects embeds the flash into the page.
  • CSS sets all of the pieces into its proper place.
  • jQuery (JavaScript library) is used to manipulate the HTML to allow the flash page to roll over top of the HTML and then sink back under when the flash animation is done playing.
  • HTML content slide-in animation also done with jQuery.
  • JavaScript may also be turned off to allow you to see the page normally without the pretty effects
  • Flash piece has call backs using Flash’s “ExternalInterface” function to indicate what it is dong (Start, Stop or Closing the page).

Can I use Beyond Flash?

At this point Beyond Flash is a proof of concept and a work in progress. I have a few steps left before I release this one to the public.