Create a Blog from Scratch

Note on June 23, 2008: The post you are reading is years old, but shows the trail of the beginnings of Thank you for reading!

Without much prior PHP knowledge, I managed to program this blog in less than a week. Here is how I did it. Note: This is an overview and not actual code examples.

1. First, I went through Code Grrl’s Build a Blog Tutorials

Sure, I could have stopped there but I really didn’t like how the blog was programmed. I like this tutorial though because I dug through the code and learned basic PHP, but I wanted much more functionality.

2. I wanted clean URLs so I found Making clean URLs with Apache

I customized the url so I can add keywords inside it if I want. I love these clean URLs. Apache also has documentation on mod_rewrite.

3. Then I added user authentication

This was the most basic, yet effective login script I found. Of course I modded it to make it a little more secure.

4. *I rewrote the code to use Object Oriented PHP *

My blog was basically built but I didn’t like how the code looked. I thought PHP looked horrible until I ran into some object oriented code. Makes things look much nicer.

5. Created Tag Cloud Navigation

I started with ByteMyCode’s Tag Cloud code and then moved to selecting from the database with the“LIKE“MySQL commmand.

$sql = "SELECT * FROM php_blog WHERE tags LIKE '%$tag%' ORDER BY timestamp DESC";

I also had to count the tags so I used the array_count_values PHP function.

$tags = array_count_values($DBtags); // a very useful function to count the tags!

Wow gotta love those tags!

6. Adding More Features

I added an image uploader to my admin page, RSS 2.0 and many minor tweaks until I had my *very own customized blog built from scratch!

Some functions I found very useful on

list() split() htmlspecialchars() str_replace() explode() include(dirname(__FILE__)

I now have my own custom blog! You can too! I heavily modified each example and made them my own. It feels so nice to have a custom blog!


  1. says

    Thank you Marc,
    This article really helping for me.
    I think we don’t need to know the source code, to build our own blog.
    With this instruction, we can do it without have to know the source code.

  2. Farha says

    Thanks, for guiding.
    You give a man a fish you feed him once. You teach him to fish and you feed him a lifetime

  3. says

    I’d love to see your Cake code for getting the Tag Cloud to work – I’m trying to get one working on my site, but having all sorts of trouble. I’d love to follow the example that you’ve demonstrated here, but I’m just not good enough to understand how to make it all work in Cake.

  4. chris says

    this would be a great help, I’m making a class project, a blog site, and I just have a little knowledge in PHP and MySQL, I just installed XAMPP on my desktop, and I’ve been looking for tutorials for some days now… I really need some help.

  5. says

    i have learned PHP MYSQL from SPcits institutes.With the help of live project training they provide it helped me very much to clear my concept

  6. says

    Nice list. I will use it in future. Thanks for the efforts to make this list!Nice list. I will use it in future. Thanks for the efforts to make this list!

  7. collegecoder says

    Hi Marc
    Im trying to do a college project with a blog and struggling… any chance you can help out with the code?
    Would really appreciate it

  8. says

    Wow, you went through quite a lot to build a blog. Great job. You seem like an expert on in the field – what do you prefer: Joomla or WordPress? I’ve only used WordPress, but I’ve heard lots of good things about Joomla. Is it worth looking into?

  9. Vinayak says

    I don’t need the source code. He inspired me and that’s good enough.
    Good job dude! I’m gonna try it.
    Thanks a lot for this post. :)