1. says

    Awesome presentation.

    It shows all the power of jQuery.
    If anyone ask me “what’s jQuery ?”, he will have the right to see this slideshow.

    Thanks a lot for this work.

  2. says

    102 slides ??? You took your time and made an effort for this presentation I must say !!

    Great presentation, I would suggest also adding a text link to the so people can’rize it :)))

    jQuery Lover
    Collection of jQuery Howto‘s

  3. ppmi says

    How can I download this presentation in ppt or pdf? I logged in to my SlideShare account, but there is no download link.

  4. Helio S. Junior says

    I have been looking for a “summary” of all jQuery features and power. Fortunately it did not take me too long to find your presentation on this web site.

    I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your amazing work !!!


    Helio S. Junior

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    I just have to thank you for this presentation. What really helped me was how you translated each example into an English sentence. I feel like the light bulb has flipped on and I can now look at jQuery and understand what it is doing!!! thanks thanks thanks!

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    Your presentation is a great tutorial! Keep it up! I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so, but I wanted to praise it as well…

  7. says

    Amazing slideshow, I know exactly what that bunch of code now means -I don’t have to manage how things work now I know them.

    Awesome, thanks.

  8. Atul K. says

    Your presentation is a great tutorial! Keep it up!
    I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your amazing work !!!

  9. Nicole Zheng says

    Thanks for your slides! I gave my team a presentation on jQuery with this slides and their feedback is very good.

  10. says

    Sir thank you for these amazing slides, i learned a lot from these slides.
    Its great effort and great tutorial for beginners and juniors.

    With Best Wishes

  11. says

    My dear friend,Thank you so much with your jquery show ,my work is a programer i like PHP and jquery,They were my best friend,and so are you!

  12. prashant says

    excellent presentation!!
    very useful for getting confident with jQuery.
    thanks a ton..

  13. Shivakumar says

    Hey! An Excellence Presentation on JQuery! One can’t expect more than this to learn about JQuery on first hand. The way you have put up your slides is just awesome as it takes the person who reads it swiftly and without need of a presenter.

    Thanks for the great presentation.