Ultimate List of Datepickers

Here is my ultimate list of almost 50 datepickers (popup calendars) each rated each based on useful features, documentation, customization options and internationalization.

If you see anything inaccurate in this table please let me know.

_.Script Name _.JavaScript Library _.Rating (1-5) _.Price
Vista-like Ajax Calendar script MooTools 1 Free
DateChooser Prototype 1 Free
time/datePicker jQuery 2 Free
Jason’s Date Input Calendar Standalone 2 Free
PBBDatePicker MooTools 3 Free
DatePicker using Prototype and Scriptaculous Prototype/Scriptaculous 3 Free
Yahoo! UI Library Calendar YUI 5 Free
Swazz Javascript Calendar Standalone 2 Free
MooTools Date Picker MooTools 3 Free
jQuery UI Datepicker jQuery 5 Free
Clean Calendar Standalone 1 Free
Dynarch jscalendar Standalone 5 Free
jCalendar jQuery 2 Free
jQuery date picker jQuery 4 Free
Unobtrusive Date-Picker Widgit Standalone 3 Free
Calendar Date Select Prototype 3 Free
Rails DatePicker Standalone 1 Free
Lotus Notes Web Datepicker Standalone 2 Free
Jason Moon’s Calendar Standalone 3 Free
Intuitive Date Input Selection Standalone 3 Free
JS Calendar Standalone 4 Free
Basic Date Picker Lite Standalone 2 Free
Basic Date Picker Standalone 3 $199
CalendarXP Standalone 4 $108
Tigra Calendar Standalone 2 Free
Rich Faces Calendar JBoss RichFaces 3 Free
JavaScript DatePicker Control Standalone 3 Free
JavaScript DatePicker Standalone 2 Free
Zapatec Date Picker/calendar Standalone 5 LinkBack or $99
Javascript Date Selector Standalone 2 Free Version or25.00
Simple Calendar Widget Standalone 3 Free
DateChooser Standalone 3 Free
JavaScript Datepicker made with scriptaculous Scriptaculous 2 Free
JavaScript Date Picker Standalone 2 Free
Corion Javascript Datepicker Standalone 1 Free
Travelethos Datepicker Standalone 2 Free
Javascript Popup Date Picker Standalone 2 Free
Popup date picker Standalone 1 Free
Bookmarklet library calendar Standalone 1 Free
Pear Web Javascript Date Picker Standalone 1 Free
Six Side Date Picker Calendar Standalone 1 Free
SparrowScripts Date Picker Standalone 2 $10
NoGray Calendar Component Standalone 4 Free
Epoch JavaScript Calendar Standalone 3 $69.95
Calendario accesible en javascript Standalone 3 Free
Calendar for Moootools MooTools 4 Free

I have gathered this list over the last year that I have been developing jQuery UI Datepicker with Keith . I never used anyone else’s code, but I certainly have gotten feature ideas from other datepickers – as I’m sure others have used features ideas that Keith and I have made.

If you feel I have rated a datepicker unfairly low or missed one from the list, let me know. I have probably overlooked something – there are so many great scripts out there it is hard to be perfectly objective and fair.


  1. says

    Hi Marc,

    Interesting list. SCW generally rates better than 3/5 for people who rate it through the script sites I use but these things are so subjective. You haven’t listed my “next generation” script JACS which adds a load of functionality while keeping the same ease of implementation.

    All the best,


  2. says

    Thanks Jody. I wish that were the case, however this list seems to have gained almost no traction in the web development community. Maybe someone will find it someday and link to it as a useful resource.

  3. Arvind says

    Hi Anthony,

    Your standalone DatePicker definitely rates more than a 3. IMHO a 5. It is so easy to use, and is truly a standalone javascript.

    Are there any plans to add themes to it? i.e. different look and feels for it?

  4. says

    Lists get out-of-date, as you are missing the excellent and recently released:

    Works like a charm with animations and all, and best of all, its not using Ajax or any server-side components, making it fast and easy to install. Has so much more options than what I’m using it for! I personally loved the date-formatting options which follow PHP’s date() syntax, allowing me to simply output MySQL date’s and take them back in again.

  5. says

    Hey Marc,

    Thanks for linking to my article on DateChooser. I’d like to know why it received such a low rating, I never put it through any sort of review, so your feedback could help me improve on it.


  6. says

    Don’t miss the Any+Timeâ?¢ DatePicker/TimePicker AJAX Calendar Widget, which is probably the fastest, easiest and most feature-laden date/time picker available. It supports countless formats, custom labels & styles, jQuery UI themes, keyboard accessibility and even time zones! And best of all, it’s free under the CC-BY-NC-SA license. For details, demos and downloads, visit: