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Momentum is King

June 24, 2014

Likely many of your projects have died due to lack of keeping the momentum going and growing. Momentum is precious. It’s the life force. Learn to manage momentum and harness it. By doing so you will drink of it’s sweet nectar of glorious fuel for your project to grow. Momentum is the most precious ingredient that keeps moving projects, companies, weight-loss, or whatever your goal is forward.

Look for the Little, Daily Wins

The best advice I have to build momentum and do great things is to look for the little successes and build on them. If you see a little success, keep it going!…for god’s sake, keep doing more of that thing and keep those little successes growing! Little, no scratch that, even tiny itty bitty successes build up into BIG things. String together those tiny wins and you’ll see something big starting to grow.

Don’t Switch

In my life I’ve had so many things I started. Some of them started to see success. Even with success piling up… as soon as I switched — it died (even if slowly).

Moving away for large periods of time to focus on other things absolutely kills momentum. By switching focus, you pretty much killed the previous project with a horrible death. You’ll notice when you come back to it the wind is gone, or the wind is dying out. The myth I used to keep telling myself when switching projects is that I’ll, “get back to later”. It never happens…once you quit, you quit! Then you’ll be staring back at that thing in a “what if” scenario.

Learn to Bury Your Old Projects

Once you lose momentum from switching, it’s hard if not impossible to get it back. That old fire is hard to rekindle. If the fire is out, you might as well bury that old project. Even if you spent years of your life on the project like I have on some projects. Sometimes I look back on them today and say, “well, what if I just went back to that thing?!” Well, there was a reason I stopped…right? And if it was my best idea ever, I probably wouldn’t have stopped. On shark tank when people get up on stage with an old idea they haven’t touched in years they don’t get funding. Rarely, if ever, will a shark ever do anything but a licensing deal with someone who pulls out something old. They’ll take the technology and license it to a bigger player rather than trying to build a business with it. The momentum is gone, so they view it as something dead they might be able to squeeze money from through licensing.

Learn to just kill those old projects and don’t play mind games with yourself that you’ll get back to them someday. Trust me, it’ll relieve so much stress in your life if you stop having so many thing you think you should focus on (including old projects). Learn to just focus on the project at hand.

Snowball Momentum

So what’s the reason I like focusing on one project at a time now as opposed to 3-5 at a time like I used to? Working on one project/mission is all about snowballing momentum. What do I mean by that? Well, once you get a small snowball moving forward it picks up other snow and becomes a bigger snowball…and if you keep it going…well, it could could become an avalanche!

The bigger project starts rolling up things underneath it and the whole thing continues to grow bigger on that combined momentum.

Momentum is King

Managing momentum is probably one of the biggest tricks to keeping things going and something you need to learn to harness to fuel you to achieve your dreams.

Marc Grabanski, CEO & UI Developer of Frontend Masters

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