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Avoid Over Planning

May 05, 2007

My friend interviewed Paul Boag on his website. I found that one piece of Paul’s response caught my eye.

“If there was one bit of advice would you have for those interested in creating or growing their web design business, what would it be?

Paul Boag responds, “Stop planning and do something. This is a lesson that has been driven home to me personally at the moment. The danger is you have an idea for a web business but you never take the first step in implementing it. You become so obsessed with doing it right and getting all of the elements in place that you never start. You are better off doing something and throwing it away in order to start again than not doing anything at all because the time is not right or you are paralyzed with fear of doing it wrong. Seize the day!” A lot of people sit with tons of ideas and never do them. Planning should be in proportion with how big of a decision you are making. Big decision, more planning.. small decision, don’t plan as much and just go do it. I’ve given myself the same advice and it really pays off to just get out there and do what you think about.

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