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Advice for Consultants and Startups

This combines much of the advice I give to friends and colleagues over the years (I advise many startups) all packaged together along with a bit of history of my career at the beginning of the talk.

This talk is chock full of advice to freelancers / consultants and startups.

Quick note: It is my first public talk on business, so it takes a bit for me to get into the talk and find myself in it. Please forgive me for starting slow, but I do find my groove and give tons of advice and tips. I’m excited about this talk. Enjoy! :-D

Some of the topics covered:

  1. How to market yourself and why that matters
  2. Benefits and pitfalls of consulting
  3. Biggest mistakes creating startups (and how to avoid them)

I think it’s one of my best unknown talks. It was given to a very small group of entrepreneurs — no one but the ~10 people there have seen this talk before posting today! (I even debated releasing it because it contains many personal details).

Published 3 Dec 2014
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