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May 05, 2007

mountain dew

I had a coworker who at 8AM I would see him sipping on Mt Dew. Wow, I thought. Does he drink that every morning? So it turns out that is what his daily breakfast was. After snickering for a while because it reminded me of college, he let me ask him a few questions. No, I’m not a health-nut but I think a lot of developers can relate with this.

What does your breakfast normally consist of?

A can of soda - usually Mountain Dew - and either a Nutri-Grain Strawberry bar or Nature’s Valley Granola bar, Honey and Oats.

Do you always have a Bar for breakfast, or is it sometime just a can of pop?

Usually both. Except on the weekends. Then I usually just have coffee - with cream and sugar - and maybe a bowl of cereal.

What does your lunch usually consist of?

Don’t usually eat anything. Drink soda throughout the course of the day, maybe a snack size bag of Fritos or Cheese Popcorn. Boy, I’m a horrible eater.

How many cans of pop do you drink in a day?


Do you eat supper?

And what does that look like? Yep. Depends on what I’ve got going on. If I’m just going home, nothing spectacular. Mac and Cheese. Spaghetti. I like pasta. Never could do that Atkins thing. Soup and Sandwich. Usually something easy - it’s hard to cook something big for just one person. Waiting for summer to start BBQ’ing.

How long have you been eating this way?

Eating this way - ever since I moved out of my parent’s house…

Do you ever get fast food or eat out

Eat fast food - yes. maybe once a week. Arby’s or McDonald’s. Jimmy Johns and Chipotle - but there aren’t either of those two by my new house, so not very often anymore. Eat out, usually on the weekends maybe two times a month.

Do you ever intend to change your eating habits?

I’d like to change them, sure. I find it tough to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and things, though. I abhor going to the grocery store so I try to go only once a month or every two weeks or so. So I can buy enough fresh food to eat for two days - which is great - but then things start to spoil. So I end up buying more of the pre-processed packaged foods to cook in the microwave. But I do eat healthy for a day or two after I go shopping.

So there you have it, the guy has lived off of mt dew and whatever is around for 10+ years. I know I can relate. I guess the best thing to do is just accept who you are and make small decisions that make you feel better throughout your day.

For instance, instead of coffee I started drinking Green tea. I love it now and barely drink any coffee. I started making big sandwhiches, check this one out:

glorious sandwhich

I guess eating can be fun, and good food does make you feel better. That being said, I just ate some cheesy bacon fries at a chicago-style food place. Oh well, I will just buy some fruit drinks tomorrow. “Whew” this has been a long and kind of random post.

That being said, I will leave you with a random picture of the vending machine not wanting to give me animal crackers. Honestly, how does two big bags of animal crackers get stuck in a vending machine? It is actually kind of amazing…

animalcrackers stuck

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