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👋 Hi! I am the original creator of the jQuery UI Datepicker. 😀

Most likely, you are looking for a demo of jQuery UI Datepicker. The jQuery Datepicker project has been donated to the jQuery UI project. However, since the jQuery UI team had a different direction in mind than Keith Wood (co-author of jQuery Datepicker), Keith Wood has created another implementation of, jQuery Datepicker.

Download jQuery UI Datepicker Standalone

Since the date picker was moved to the jQuery UI website, people have still asked how to download the date picker by itself.

  1. jQuery Library: Datepicker requires including jQuery.
  2. JavaScript: ui/core.js and ui/widgets/datepicker.js
  3. CSS Theme: Create your theme with ThemeRoller

Bugs, Features and Support

Please submit any bugs and feature requests through the jQuery UI trac, I will no longer be accepting them via email. I’m sorry for anyone who has asked for support on jQuery UI Datepicker and has not received a response in the past. Going forward, please submit support requests to the jQuery UI forum. To help you along your way most of the issues can be solved by researching through the jQuery UI Datepicker Function Documentation

History of jQuery UI Datepicker

I wrote the date picker originally as a rewrite of Clean Calendar to try out the jQuery JavaScript library. The project gained traction in late 2006, when it was first released. Keith Wood decided to step on board to help the project, adding a whole slew of features. Meanwhile I have been getting emails from all around the world about my date picker (too many emails). We added feature after feature that was requested by our users - now the project has well over 35 customization options and counting. The datepicker is also in around 30 languages, showing its adoption worldwide.

During jQuery Camp 2007 in Boston, I gave a presentation of jQuery UI Datepicker. The date picker is still being maintained by Keith Wood and I and continuing to be adopted by many websites in the world that use jQuery.

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