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Reading Articles from the Bottom Up

May 05, 2007

While reading blogs and technical articles - I noticed a pattern that had developed over time. I start at the bottom of the articles and read up to the top . After skimming the document, I read back down again and read the parts I care most about more thoroughly.

Why do I start at the bottom?

I get to see the final product, first! Rather than wasting time on something I don’t care about, I read the final product (conclusion) which determines how important the article is to me. Then, I read up and scan all the keywords, headings and interesting content.

When I read back down again I know what I’m looking for and skip through the parts I don’t care about. I am convinced this reading pattern allows me to read and skim through more articles in a shorter time period while soaking up the things I really care about. I’ve been asked how I read so much and I think I finally figured out part of the reason why. Have you ever caught yourself reading from bottom to top?

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