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Tips to Secure Your Web Hosting Server

July 22, 2009

A friend of mine got hacked - one of his JavaScript files had been modified to contain some sort of advertisement. Here are a few tips you can do to lock your server down, starting with simple things and getting more advanced at the bottom.

  • Change your web hosting password.
  • Change your SSH / root login username (if possible) and password.
  • Login with a sub user account, chown the files to the new user through SSH by typing chown -R username:usergroup YOUR_WEB_PATH. If you don’t know the usergroup, check out the current files by typing, ls -la YOUR_WEB_PATH
  • Change your permissions to the lowest number to allow your website to still work, this might be 444, 644, 655, 744, or 755. chmod -R 755 YOUR_WEB_PATH
  • make sure there are no authorized keys found in your ~/.ssh/ folder. Type ls ~/.ssh/, and then rm authorized_keys if it is there unless of course you use that for authentication. Authorized keys allows you to ssh without a username and a password, because you put your id on your computer and on the server.
  • There is a linux service called, [aide” that can email you when files are changed, but that is fairly intense to setup.
  • Check your log files in /var/log to make sure there is no unauthorized connections that you haven’t made.
  • Upgrade any installed CMS or web-based software.

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