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Setting Up a New Mac on OSX for Web Development

December 17, 2013

Recently I had a machine break down and had to setup a new one and this is documentation of my setup.

In this article I give you all the apps I use, OS configurations and local hosting setup.

Mac OS X Apps I Install

  • VS Code - For the codes. I switched to it because it’s super fast!
  • 1Password - To generate secure passwords is easy, only problem is it introduced a single point of fail. Either way, I can’t live without the convenience of it. Has Safari and Chrome extensions as well as a menu bar icon in OSX for quick access.
  • iTerm2 - Super terminal!
  • Bartender - Nice to clean up OSX icons when you get too many, or it you just want to hide certain icons you don’t use ever.
  • Google Chrome of course.
  • Dropbox - Currently I have 500GB Dropbox and I only sync certain folders to my computer. This gives me an extra 300GB+ of storage. It’s expensive, but I use it primarily to collaborate for work projects so it’s a cost of doing business at this point.
  • Node.js
  • Sequel Pro - Free tool to easily manage MySQL. MAMP starts by default at port 8889 with user:pass as root:root
  • Skype
  • CloudApp - Nice way to drag and drop share files and especially images. Automatically copies the link to the file once it’s uploaded to your clipboard.
  • Twitter - I find Twitter’s default notifications to be annoying so I only setup menu highlighting when I’m mentioned.
  • Caffeine - For keeping your mac awake…especially during those long Dropbox syncs!
  • Pocket - Twitter natively supports saving links to Pocket and there’s a Chrome extension, so if I don’t want to lose a link I drop it in Pocket.
  • Transmit - For FTP and S3 pushing/pulling files. Be careful with the “sync” feature though, I deleted some files from the server once (was not good).
  • GitHub for Mac - Find it’s nice to keep a running track of all the projects I’ve cloned.
  • ScreenFlow - Best screencasting app I’ve used — I’ve tried most of the Mac ones I could find.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere)
  • Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)

OS-level Items Todo

  • Of course lots of updates in the app store including OSX itself.
  • Install XCode and the iOS Simulator (Preferences -> Downloads -> iOS Simulator) @/Applications/ Then drag app to dock for iOS testing
  • Setup Messages App for Google Talk and AIM
  • Move the OSX doc to the right. On a 13” the problem is more vertical space than it is horizontal.

Bash Config

Install Homebrew:

 ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Paul Irish dotfiles and dependencies

 git clone && cd dotfiles && ./ ./

Hopefully you’ve found these tools useful!

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