Marc Grabanski, CEO & UI Developer of Frontend Masters

2007 was an Incredible Year

December 31, 2007

This year has been an incredible year on the career front. I literally can’t believe how far I’ve come from last year. To put things in perspective, it reminds me of back in college when I was was failing calculus and then buckled down and learned the entire semester’s worth of calculus in an 18 hour stretch of time, receiving an “A” on my final. This year has been like that. I can’t remember a single year of my life that I have learned so much as this year. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible, thank you.

Some of the this year’s career highlights:

  • I met a lot of great people where I work at RMG Connect. I got to lead UI development on some pretty big projects, and was the third to receive our internal company, “Rockstar” award.
  • I launched this website 8 months ago (late April), all of it being hand written 100%from scratch. Since the launch, it has received 300k page views and grown to 15k unique visitors a month.
  • I learned how to successfully code open source projects - helping thousands of developers around the world is worth its weight in gold.
  • I gave two presentations at jQueryCamp, held on the Harvard campus.
  • One week I was featured on Ajaxian and Smashing Magazine (jQuery Calendar), sort of an epiphany that people are noticing and really do care about what I do.
  • To top off the year, my code is now being used by Google.

Looking Forward

I have goals and a plan for this website in 2008. I have so many things I want to do it is crazy, but I just need to keep things into perspective and it will be another stellar year. Thank you for watching, reading, helping and supporting me. Without the help and contributions of others I wouldn’t have much, so thank you again. Here is to another great year in the horizon!

Marc Grabanski, CEO & UI Developer of Frontend Masters

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