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2009: Summer Projects

July 20, 2009

Here is an update on the status of my projects as of 10 months ago.

  • Rent Update: launched public beta! We are now walking property managers through sign up for their free listings and gathering feedback. The product is about 2 years in development, but still in the user-testing stage. I’m sure I’ll make a big announcement article and promote the product when it starts humming.
  • jQuery Datepicker v4: turned into Calendar Engine, an ambitious project intended to fix problems with the native JavaScript date object and give you access to internationalized calendar functions in straight-JavaScript (no jQuery). It works with Gregorian and Persian calendars so far, but I want to build a calendar and datepicker on top of it to showcase its abilities.
  • CakePHP jQuery Integration: tried to iron out some of my thinking through a JavaScript RFC for Cake 1.3, but I still have a ways to go. I’m tossing around so many ideas that I haven’t solidified something actionable.
  • Carcassonne Online: with the new things in webkit/iphone this could be a very interesting browser-based game, but I’ve put the project on hold for now until I feel inspired to learn what’s new in webkit.
  • Family Reminder: will be built on CakeCal and Calendar Engine, so I need to finish those open source projects before I get to this application, on hold for now.
  • Open Ad Sense: on hold until I get momentum behind this project, maybe next year.

New developments!

  • Launched my consulting company’s website, MJG International. Showcases the network of people and some work we’ve done.
  • - broke one million visitors in under a year! 1,043,421 since late July ‘08.
  • Learning Ruby on Rails because of doing a UI on top of one of my client’s projects, fun so far.
  • New startup compan deals with organizing and sharing content on the web, this one is interesting because they are both paying my company and giving percentage of equity based on the performance of the project. Exactly the type of contract I’ve been trying to get.
  • Sat down at the table with business owners around Minnesota, prepping them and selling them on a new e-commerce platform that I’ve been planning for years. This one will be huge because I know how it will run, we just have to work out the specifics financially to get development underway. This one is very exciting for both local businesses in Minnesota and me.

On a personal note, I’m engaged! She’s now enrolled in college in Minneapolis, the added financial burden just increases my motivation to make the business run stronger.

Marc Grabanski, CEO & UI Developer of Frontend Masters

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