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2008: Projects

November 02, 2008

I have decided to pour all of my resources and energy into getting four rather demanding projects done before the end of the year. This big end-of-year push has had a lot of thought behind it, which I wanted to share with you and document here on my blog.

The Projects

Of the four projects I am focusing on getting done, two are consulting jobs and two are my own start-up companies. With the start-ups, I have partnered with businesses to help define the products and they will sell them when the products are released to the public.

The Plan

My focus in November will be on consulting. Consulting is a great way to get temporary cash flow, through which I will be using to hire people to work on my startup companies. I will have a total of four contractors working for me in November.

The Logistics

UI skills are the most important for my consulting work, and CakePHP skills are most important for the startups. In case you are wondering who is working with me, here is a list of them and brief description of each:

  • A developer that is a highly seasoned professional and core developer of CakePHP, he will be working on a startup in CakePHP.
  • A developer that is a master of databases and does a lot of work with CakePHP, he will be working on a startup in CakePHP and on documentation
  • A developer that is great at UI and CakePHP, however he will be consulting with me focusing on UI (jQuery/JavaScript/HTML/CSS) with me and has been for quite some time.
  • A developer/designer who is good at a diverse amount of things, working with UI, straight PHP and some CakePHP. He will be working with me on UI consulting projects. Though the above isn’t 100% finalized, I am confident they will be joining me in these last two important months of the year - all of the projects fun to work on.

The Goal

It is my goal to have a company with products, partnerships and consulting. So far it has been working out brilliant and I only expect the great work to continue. This will be a wild two months that I’m hoping to propel those working with me into a great 2009.

Marc Grabanski, CEO & UI Developer of Frontend Masters

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