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📵 Going Phoneless

Is it possible to live modern life without a phone?

Momentum is King

Momentum is precious. It's the life force of projects. Learn to manage momentum.

Why Some Smart People I Know Don't Become Succesful

A guide to avoid some common mistakes smart friends of mine have made with their careers.

Entrepreneurs are Dead, Long Live the Hacker

Entrepreneurs have only one option to survive in today's society: find hackers or become one.

"Are You Rich?"

In terms of actual dollars I am certainly not rich, but...

Developing Value Stronger Than Money

Why Aren't More Developers Building Businesses?

Question about what it takes to get great developers to work together.

Becoming a Great Web Developer

Advice and tips to be a better web developer.

Commonalities of Success and Wealth

Lessons learned about success and wealth based on observation.

Negotiating Good Contracts for Startup Companies

How to negotiate a contract that is fair for you the developer and the company you partner with.

Four Types of Web Developers, Which are You?

After years of being with developers - I've managed to generalize developers into a few categories.

Response to Full-Time Employment

Full-time work limits me from doing the projects that I feel the need to create.